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Islamization Of Pakistan Iqbal Zafar Pdf Download (Latest)




According to various assessments this dictatorship is estimated to have caused the death of 2 million – up to 80% – Pakistani citizens. According to John R. MacArthur in his book "Eighty Years and More", Pakistan's "police records state that more than 1,000 members of the regime's elite went into exile". Many of these took part in Operation Cyclone, a mercenary expedition in Afghanistan in the 1980s, as support staff or as members of the military, disguised as journalists. The records from within the State record that the most well-known of those who left the country, albeit in a self-imposed exile, was General Zia ul-Haq. He was ousted by an army coup in 1988 and died in a plane crash soon after. The Pakistan military and its ISI have been heavily criticized by Human Rights Watch for gross violations against political dissidents, ethnic and religious minorities, and journalists. According to the Human Rights Watch report, "For some time the military has had a shadowy group of political thugs called the Special Group for Anti-Narcotics Operations (SEGAO) who have committed all manner of abuses." According to a Human Rights Watch report, "Military and paramilitary forces have been implicated in the torture and killings of hundreds of dissidents and members of political parties" and "in the forced disappearances and other abuses of thousands of political activists." The leaders of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), along with Benazir Bhutto, had been accused of being tied to several brutal murders and attacks on politicians of the opposition in Pakistan. On December 27, 2010, it was reported that Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and Interior Minister Rehman Malik had been removed as members of Bhutto's political team. Bhutto's political rivals claimed that this was a step towards the reinstatement of a civilian government, which would bring an end to all military rule. See also Nawaz Sharif government (1999–2000) Nawaz Sharif government (2008–2014) Benazir Bhutto assassination Government of Pakistan Terrorism in Pakistan United Nations Security Council Resolution 1267 2008 Benazir Bhutto assassination 2013 Coup d'état List of Pakistani general elections contested by Benazir Bhutto References Further reading Safdar Hussain, "Benazir Bhutto: The Making of a Martyr", published by Emerald in 2006. Benaz



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Islamization Of Pakistan Iqbal Zafar Pdf Download (Latest)

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